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22mrt 2021
Understand and improve yourself on a deeper level (6 weeks course)


Enjoy finding out more about yourself, shedding light on forgotten memories and feeling your mood and health improve. Together we will learn and grow further to become our best, healthiest and happiest selves.

I’m so excited to share this with you. You will learn theory and practice parallel, each lesion consisting of theory and a practical exercise.

Many people have asked me to combine my knowledge about (self) healing and resilience in a hands-on course. Finally I’ve found the time to sit down and do just that!
The result were 2 beautiful courses which kickstart you on your path to strengthen your self-knowledge and improve your natural ability to heal yourself and help others.

No matter how much theory you have learned, if you don’t apply it, your life will continue exactly as it always has, regardless of all that theoretical knowledge. It is important that you put the theory into practice.

Study time indication per week: 60-90 min.

Start: 1 February and 22 March

Price: € 99,- (incl. BTW)


22 mrt 2021 t/m 03 mei 2021 | online, start and end live online call
7.00 - 22.00




Understand and improve yourself on a deeper level (6 weeks course)